Established in 1972 Family owned and operated. License and insured.
Established in 1972Family owned and operated.License and insured.



Over time, chlorine in your shower water can wreak havoc upon your body. According to Water: the Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz (2000), "While the purity of our drinking water is of primary importance, contaminants and chlorine byproducts also enter our bodies through the skin via the water in which we bathe. Also, our lungs absorb toxic fumes from the gaseous chlorine byproducts that are released in a steamy shower. Chlorine in shower water can strip protein from our hair and skin causing dry, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and dandruff."

Flowmatic's high quality Dial-A-Date shower filter will reduce the amount of chlorine that reaches your body, ensuring healthy skin for you and your family. The Dial-A-Date also allows you to easily set the month of installation or the month the filter needs to be replaced.

  • 100% KDF-55 media
  • Chlorine reduction

  ****DISCOUNT PRICE  $65.00****

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