Our Services



    Install and service all types of undersink systems, replace filter cartridges, drinking water           dispensers, valves, and tubing as needed.

   Provide full care of reverse osmosis drinking systems, which require more than simple filter         changes.

   Install instant hot water dispensers.

   Service softeners and carbon filters and perform rebeds as needed.

   Well water treatment specialists.

   Service all type systems in the traditional and the more recent reverse osmosis                              technologies.

   Well softeners, iron filters, carbon filters, chlorinators, sediment filters,                                                membranes...

   Repair/replace pumps and bladder tanks. 

   Troubleshoot most well system problems including the causes for most "meltdown"                      situations which occur during loss of prime.

   Monthly salt/service routes. 

   Install sprinkler rust stain control systems and provide chemicals for them and other                    systems.

   For the hearty DIY (do-it- yourselfers) we keep a decent inventory of repair parts and have a         good link with a number of manufacturers so we can order the correct parts for your


   Repair a variety of water distillation systems, both countertop and in line.


Our on the road service personell are well trained and experienced  having grown up in the business. Also please take advantage of our office staff who are highly experienced technicians as well.

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